Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Beach day 4 ...

Monday, Sept 5th

again we decided on having breakfast at the condo. With it
being Labor Day, we knew the weekenders would be heading home
and stopping at restaurants for breakfast.
We cooked sausage, fried potatoes and Bucky made pancakes!
Jacquelyn, Bucky, Tom, Lynne, Declan and Avery all
headed over to the North Carolina Aquarium 

Johnny and I took our car to try and get some sand off of it.
A lot of other people had the same idea :)

We rode around a little bit 

Then we headed over to our favorite bar, Tortugas!
but wow, it was so crowded. We only had one beer and left as we 
couldn't get 2 seats at the bar.

We came back to the condo and all of us went out to the beach.
It was so beautiful...still a bit windy but beautiful

That evening we went to the Black Pelican for dinner.
Another one of our favorite restaurants.
I had the Panko, sesame seed Rockfish and oh yeah, delicious!!

We took so many pictures of them sitting on this wall
and I could not find one where Avery was looking at the camera
or smiling. I think maybe she was nervous about
being up there....haha

We had a wonderful day


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