Saturday, September 24, 2016

Beach day 8 ....

Our last full day on the beach :(
Johnny and I went to Jolly Roger for breakfast
Lynne left to go home

We met up with Tommy and Joanne out on the beach
another beautiful day....flies though
Tommy and I went out in the ocean again
and rode the waves
what fun!!

Eating grapes poolside 

Bucky took all of the sea glass they found and made this
look at the 3 cobalt blue! so pretty
and right under the blue is one light blue they found

selfie with my ocean buddy...Tommy

Avery's daily nap on her Daddy

Our 4th night of Putt Putt and the only
night that I won!

that night Johnny and I went out to dinner with 
Tommy and Joanne. We went to JK's steak house and OMG....just the best
steak!! A really nice restaurant, I highly recommend it.


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