Saturday, June 6, 2015

This weeks menu .....

One of the tricks to clean eating is being prepared
and if I do not have our weeks menu planned out, it makes
breakfast, lunch and dinner difficult

Most weeks I'm good with it.....and I have so many sheets
of paper with all of my menus
But now I'm going to start posting each weekend our
upcoming menu....labeled "menu"  :)
so it will be so much easier to refer to and get ideas
Usually either Friday or Saturday, or both, are our eating out nights
but since we are currently doing a Whole30, we are
avoiding going out.

so here's our upcoming menu!
(this menu is clean and Whole30 compliant)

Saturday - Spinach Frittata w/bacon, watermelon salad
Sunday - Grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, wilted Kale w/bacon
Monday - Roasted sausage w/zucchini and squash & greek salad
Tuesday - Tuna salad and lemon zest asparagus
Wed - Taco Salads
Thursday - Balsamic Pork Tenderloin, cauliflower, roasted brussel sprouts
Friday - hot dogs with onions & green peppers and string bean salad

For breakfast we usually have boiled eggs, bacon and fruit
our lunches for the week will be dinner leftovers

that's it for the week.....


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