Friday, June 5, 2015

My first run.....

Johnny and I started running in January
a few things here.......we have never been runners!
I have a bad arthritic knee and 2 bad disc in my lower back
Johnny has a herinated disc and 2 bad knees
I am 59 years old and Johnny is getting ready to turn 62.
so to even entertain the idea of running is a bit crazy

But I also realize that my doctor is totally right when she tells me
that exercise is the best thing for my back and arthritis
and she is correct!

Doing Jazzercise has helped so much and now running
is putting me in even better shape.
Now my only pain is different muscles aching from running!!

We did discover knee braces and they helped
us a whole lot.
Most weeks, Johnny and I run 3 days a week
we used to stay together but Johnny's pace is faster than mine
so we're only together during our 5 minute warm up walk

My sister Kandi who is already a runner, encouraged us to
sign up for the Corporate 4 miler 
We did, we ran and we had fun!
I'm not going to say it was was not for me.
My longest run was only 2 miles
So I figured that I would run 2 and walk 2
Didn't turn out that way......I ran 4 :)

I have to give credit to my friend Lisa's daughter Summer
she ran with me and kept me going.....we did stop 5 times I think
and we would fast walk for about 2 minutes then start running again
She would give me a marker each time and say "when we get to that sign,
we will run again, ok?".....haha, she is so sweet!
But that is what kept me going

and it really felt good to finish
Johnny and I were very proud of ourselves
I know it's only 4 miles and people run 1/2 and full marathons
but.....we are starting at an older age and do have 
"issues" our knees and backs
but we did it.....we ran 4 miles!


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