Friday, June 12, 2015

Menu .....

Last week's meals were so yummy!!

here's our upcoming week
All clean eating and Whole30 compliant 

Saturday - Shakshouka and cucumber salad

Sunday - we are going to Jacquelyn's for dinner

Monday - Meatballs in tomato sauce over cauliflower rice
and salad

Tuesday - Shrimp with mango lime slaw and string bean salad
(we have to have string bean salad every week, Johnny's fav)

Wed - Oven fried chicken, wilted kale and roasted carrots

Thursday - Roasted sausage with veggies
(another repeat but we love this)

Friday - chicken soup

Notes....I love cauliflower rice but don't like the hassle of making it. Trader Joe's now carries a frozen bag of cauliflower rice.....
ingredients are cauliflower and salt.....perfect!!

I use the Applegate sausage from Costco and it's a 3 pack
and with a friend giving us zucchini and squash out of his
garden already, we'll be having that next week too!


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