Sunday, June 7, 2015

Another Happy Birthday .....

And another Happy Birthday.....
I missed putting up a post for Jacquelyn's birthday
which was April 13th

oh Jacquelyn, truly my mini me!

Such a great daughter, sister, wife, mother
So dedicated to her children
and her family
and her job
sweet and smart
loves her children more than any words can express
very beautiful
loves Starbucks
Vegetarian since 8 years old
all her life has always "done the right thing"
beautiful blonde hair
real style in her clothes
and loves to dress her children in very stylish clothes
we love shopping together even for groceries
very, very thoughtful person
cares for others 
excellent cook
has a lot of ear piercings
loves the beach
a person that we know we can always depend on no matter what
loves her sister and brother deeply
and loves Maddox, Gabe and John

we love you so much Jacquelyn


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