Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 4th ....

We spent 4 wonderful days over the 4th of July
holiday weekend down on the Chesapeake Bay with our
family Tommy and Joanne and good friends
Gene and Lois.
Hanging out with them is so much fun, so relaxing and
you just don't ever want it to end!! We go in to the small
towns of Kilmarnack and White Stone and visit little shops.
Go boating, lounge at the pool or hang at the end of the dock
hoping to catch some fish! We eat a lot of really great food as my brother-in-law Tommy is an excellent cook and of course have a lot of adult beverages......
I also tried kayaking for the first time
and really loved it. Can't wait to go again.

oh look, the love of my life!!


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