Monday, September 30, 2013

Vacation part 4 ...

another bunch of pictures from the beach
these are from our stormy, windy day........
below is our view from our top balcony
that dark squiggly line in the pic below is a smudge
on my camera sensor. I need to stop putting off getting
my camera cleaned.......

Declan wearing his skull and cross bones shirt

It was so windy that day you could hardly stand outside without swaying
back and forth. Bucky took Declan out for just a second so he could
feel the wind. The picture just cracks me up!

even Jake's hair was blowing out of control....

tsk tsk....Johnny doing work while on vacation

have no idea what we were laughing about but just
look at how good looking my son-in-law is

Maddox is just like his Uncle Jake.......I ask to take a picture and
I get silly faces...haha!

I don't even remember what we were doing
in the picture below....haha


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