Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Betty Boop...

Johnny loves Betty Boop
and last year when we were at the beach, he found a 3 ft
Betty Boop
she was cute and sassy!
all dressed up in her Marilyn Monroe dress
and her cute lace panties

she was sitting outside of an antique store but the asking
price was a little too steep

So this year, we thought we would just stop by there again
you know, out of curosity
and she wasn't there!

we went inside and Johnny asked them if they had sold her
and they had not! For no particular reason they had put her in the back and she was sitting on top of their vault.

Johnny really wanted her...he wanted to add her to the pool room
soooo, we asked
and yes, they were ok with selling her and at a very fair price
they said they felt like it was meant to be that she go home with us
since one year later we had come back looking for her!

so here she is, laying in the backseat....

and here she is getting all cleaned up for her ride to Richmond

isn't she cute!


1 comment:

Connie said...

She sure is cute! It was meant to be!!