Thursday, August 12, 2010


We had some pretty big storms tonight
and my sweet Chrissy girl gets so upset when it storms
She always has to follow me around, trembling, with a toy in her mouth.
And she will not let you pick her up.
And when she hears the big thunder.........she hides.
So tonight, instead of carrying a toy in her mouth, she carried around
a milk bone.
And then hid behind the sofa....

poor baby!



traci said...

poor thing. our buddy doesn't like them either.

Karen said...

Poor little thing . . . our old cocker never liked them either. But our cat hated them worse.
Bring them on!
Have a great weekend!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I love them too but our cocker does not...Have a good weekend

Gabrielle said...

Millie gets so scared during storms! We have to drug her when we know a storm is coming. The vet gave us a natural sedative :)

Connie said...

Poor BIL had an irish setter that hated storms and would hide in the bath tub.

Have a good weekend at the beach!


cityfarmer said...

awwwhhh... her is so cute ...with her little bone!