Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cake tasting...

While down at the beach we had appointments
with the florist and the wedding cake designer.

We arrived for the cake tasting at 12:30 but the cake designer said
our appt was @ 1:30. Weird....and she seemed very distraught.

So no problem, we left and came back at 1:30.

Came in and still, she seemed very distraught.  We were supposed to do the cake tasting there but noticed her packaging up the cake slices.

She then told us that she had just now found out about a death
in her family. We felt so bad for her but she did continue to
talk to us about the cakes and we told her it was fine, we would
get back in touch later.

So we took the samples back to the condo and did our own
cake tasting.

our choices.....

Jacquelyn feeding Bucky his first piece of wedding cake!

Can't tell which flavor they decided on.....we'll have to wait!


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