Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I am just so happy right now and here's why......

  • Going to the beach on Friday for FIVE days
  • This wedding planning is fun!
  • My mom continues to improve....just wish she could hurry up and come home
  • my sister-in-laws from GA and TX are coming in 4 weeks
  • We're having a big ole engagement party in 4 weeks
  • We're going back to the beach in 4 weeks
  • And I'm starting a Photoshop class in 4 weeks.
(the last 4 items all happen in the same week..yikes)

whew......I guess until I typed it, didn't realize how busy we are going to be!!



Mallory said...

but all of it will be so much fun!!!

Connie said...

You keep up that pace and the wedding will be here in no time! Glad you are's a great place to be!!