Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm back....

Seriously, I do not think I have ever gone this long without posting.
There has just been way too much going on.
My mom has been in the hospital and had to undergo
bypass surgery! So we have spent as much time
as possible up at the hospital hanging out with her and making her smile :)
She's one tough lady and came through it with flying colors.
And boy can she make an impression! I've even had hospital staff stop me
in the hallway to tell me how sweet my mom is!

So now she is on the road to recovery and may be able to come home
on Wed...yeah for that.

Because of being at the hospital so much, we didn't get to send out
the engagement party invites and the save the dates as early
as I wanted........but it's all good.

I did not go up to the hospital on Thursday so that Jacquelyn and I
could finish them up. Jacq and her future MIL did most of them....thanks Lynne!!

here we are...working hard!

And here's Johnny working hard...........he printed up all of the engagement party invites. We ordered the "save the dates" from Wedding paper divas...good price and great quality. And just printed the engagement party
invites ourself. It is less formal, a backyard BBQ, so we felt
that was ok to do!

they are all going out in the mail today!!

Now off to visit mom, take Chrissy to get haircut, post office, store and then tackle a growing mound of laundry!
Hope I still have some readers :)



Mallory said...

So, so exciting!
Abby and I were talking about how much we loved hearing all about the wedding because it made time go by quickly on Tuesday.
I love that in the picture of Jacq working hard, you can see her ring sparkling :)

Nina Diane said...

haha...I had not noticed that! Glad ya'll enjoyed it. Sometimes I worry that I talk about it too much but I can't help it..I'm just so excited and happy for Jacquelyn

linda said...

Glad to see you back! I haven't been blogging much this summer either, just too much fun stuff going on around me.

This is such an exciting time for your family with the upcoming wedding. Fun, fun, fun!

Mallory said...

I didn't think you talked about it too much!! I enjoy hearing all about those kinds of things; I could've listened for hours! haha. We're all so happy for her and just can't wait for June!

traci said...

of course you still have readers. so glad that your mom is doing well. good luck getting everything done for the wedding. what an exciting time that is for all of you..

Abby P said...

Diane I'm so excited about everything involving this wedding! I can't believe Jaqs getting married! (: As you see I'm back on blogspot!(:

Connie said...

Very exciting times and so happy your mom came thru her surgery so well. Prayers for a fast recovery and she gets to go home soon!