Monday, February 11, 2008


and you know what that's number time! And the number this week is ZERO......ZILCH......ABSOUTLEY NOTHING!! I lost NO weight at all this week. But I guess on the bright side, I didn't gain either. And I'm really, really getting tired of dieting. And I'm eating a meatball sub smothered in cheese for supper tonight so I'm sure that's not going to help!

The weekend was good.........we kept little Maddox on Saturday night. He's just the sweetest little guy ever. Didn't have him too long Sunday as Nicole came by at 9:00 so they could go to church. Here's a pic of him getting ready.......that's his new sweater that I got him the other day at the Gap. And that's how he shows love........he reaches his hand out to you.

I'm taking this Thursday, Friday and Monday as vacation days. Just want to get some things done around the house. My year end review is Wed.....let's hope it's a good one! And Paula was saying she still doesn't know what my job is.........well, besides being a really cool grandma, I work full time as an Administrative Assistant at a pretty large company. That's a fancy word for secretary! haha
The pictures.......Maddox loves to play with Nicole's hair, my pretty girl Chrissy, Maddox wearing Kayla's hat, Jake, Kayla and Jacq fixing their chili on Super Bowl Sunday, Maddox relaxing with Uncle Jake.
whoa......I sure am boring on this post!


Cheryl Wray said...

That first picture CRACKED me up! Too funny! And I love the one of M in his hat!!!

Tammy and Parker said...

My husband swears that it is actually his secretaries that actually run his school.

He'd be totally lost with out them!

Tammy and Parker

Loreluca said...

Not boring at all, my friend. Such a beautiful boy. And such a beautiful mommy, too (doesn't she look like mom?)
hugs, my friend!