Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's Wed....

and there's not much going on. I was out with my nephew last night who just celebrated one year of being clean and sober. Maybe that's too personal to post but I am just so proud of him.....and it's not like ya'll really know him........right? He's an awesome guy who has worked very, very hard to get where he is now and along the way has formed a beautiful relationship with God so how can I not brag about him!

other things I'm thinking about...........
  • I don't really know the "rules" of when people post comments on my blog, how should I respond? Should I post a comment back, should I email them.....I like to answer back to folks but I'm not always sure how to and I really want to!

  • Where is of my fav bloggy people and she has not posted since she sprung the news on us that she bought a new house....well, and the fact that she is quite the brat!

  • I told my friend at work today that I have resigned myself to the fact that this is the weight I will be for the "second" half of my being a grandmother part of life. I had lost a total of 6 lbs and I think I've gained back about 3. I think it is harder when you get older and I'm just not a fan of having to watch what I eat so much. Maybe I'll feel different later but right now, I'm ok with how I am

  • The only reason I like winter is for the snow.....the possibility of getting snow, the anticipation and the waking up in the morning to a winter wonderland. Well, it has not happened this winter and I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen. So I'm over winter.....I'm ready for spring.....bring it on!

  • Johnny boy babysat Maddox last night for the 1st time by himself. I came in at 10:00 and there was Johnny, laid back in the recliner with Maddox cuddled in his arms.....sound asleep. Toys all over the den and the kitchen a mess. Awwww......just like the good ole days when our kids were little!

  • There are just way too many fabrics in the world to choose!
  • We cleaned mom's den on looked great but it doesn't appear that mom was too happy about it. So now we have to face the fact that for some reason, our mom loves to live in clutter. She never did before but now she does. So is that what people do in retirement.......walk around in their clutter! Because I'm finding as I get older, the more I throw out so what the heck will I do when I retire! hehe......

  • Our little guy Maddox is starting to show some really good progress! He can cruise the entire downstairs now by himself holding on to walls and furniture and such. He is also trying very, very hard to talk........the speech therapist says his babbles now have more "tone" to he's trying to say actual words. He is not much on imitating....he would do it once in awhile but last night, my nephew kept "growling" at him and he would smile and growl back. Our hearts melted......
  • I think maybe that's all of my thoughts for the are some random pics. A beautiful sunset one evening taken from the front porch, a few shots of the dining room though I'm not finished with hanging curtains, mirror and such.......and then a shot of Ziggy and I looking out of the window from the pool room, Jake took this from the driveway.....and my Chrissy and Ziggy sleeping together.


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Loreluca said...

ok, here is the deal, woman: You are about the best looking "grandma" I've known! And your weight doesn't take away one bit of it, so I say: IT'S OK!!! I kind of gave up that battle myself, and believe me, I don't look half as PRETTY!
Loving that Maddox is getting there! It made me want to meet him in person and just hug him when he growls! I'm sure Connor and him would be good pals!
Lovin' the dinning room... feel free to come in and help ANY time you feel like it... we got PLENTY of projects going on!
Oh, and just go to their blogs and say hi! if they don't have one, then a nice little email should do. And if that doesn't cut it, then go for the posting, too! I'm totally clueless when it comes to the blog rules, though. My friends call me the Mexican Blonde, just so you know who you are taking advice from!
Hugs, Nina!
PS.- Congrats to your newphew! I can absolutely appreciate somebody quitting an addiction like that! Go ahead and brag some more!