Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Not much....

going on......so let's have some bullet points!

*SIL from Atlanta has been here since Saturday. She came up for a funeral but I have to admit, it's been awesome spending time with her. Johnny and I are going down to Atlanta in April to hang out, go to some festival and see a Braves game..oh la la!

*Work has been crazy busy......arghhh

*I'm officially on a diet....have to get rid of the "no smoking" weight gain. So what I'm doing is not eating anything white...ie: bread, potatoes, pasta, etc. I'm having Special K for breakfast, a Smart One for lunch or salad bar, vinegar dressing and then some veggies, chicken, salad...that sort of thing for dinner. Snack is celery and/or Slimfast snack bars. Also drinking lots of water. Now that the weather is good, riding my bike each day. So we'll see.....we'll see how it goes. At this point I either lose or accept the fact that this is the way I am. I'm not stressing over it.......not wearing a bathing suit this year but not stressing..haha.

*I have never found a flavored water that I like...umm, that is until now! Ice...that's right, Ice babeee.......yum yum! And only 5 calories. It satisfies my sweet craving.

*Our grandson Maddox is having surgery on the 21st....but shouldn't be too bad. He is having his adnoids removed, also they are checking out his trachea....from the surgery they did when he was 6 months. They think they might need to do a little work there. I know he'll be fine but boy I sure hate that stuff happening to him.

*I have already filled up one of my memory cards for my new camera and almost filling up the other one. I'll post some pics soon.....I'm looking into taking a class. Also, hoping to get on Karen Russell's online class. I need help in deciding how to store my photos. I have always stored them on Image Station but then had to move to Shutterfly. I then get them put on CD....so I feel I have a good backup. I don't want to store on my computer so I'm looking for some kind of external device....any suggestions....anyone????

that's it for now....I'll try to post pics tomorrow



Amy W said...

I store my pics on an external hard drive...I ran out of space basically on my laptop.

Catwoman said...

Sweetie Pie got me this big grey box. I think it's an external hard drive, since Amy W. used that word and that seems to ring a bell.

It can hold like 10 gazillion pics. So I have that and Snapfish as my back ups!

Cheryl Wray said...

I have got to go to a Atl Braves game this year. Delaney is the biggest fan and would love to go!

The diet sounds like a good plan. I need to follow your lead and do that too!

Anonymous said...

I have an external hard drive. I filled my laptop and then filled my new computer as well. I also burn all pics to two sets of cds. I keep one site here in a fire box and one set at my sister's just in case.

Loreluca said...

Ouch! I hope Maddox is ok and doesn't hurt after the operation. It stinks!
What also stinks is DIETING. I never had to, until I quit smoking and had the last baby at the same time. I am MONSTROUSLY fat, I tell ya! Never in my life Have I been this fat. But I'm tired of diet food. I htink I'll just get used to size 14.
And the hubby bought a gray boxthat I can hook up to the computer and I back up my pix there... very practical!
Hugs, my friend! (Love the new pix on your bloggeroo!)