Thursday, January 24, 2008

I could stay home....again......

So I've been home with Maddox for 2 days and even though I hate the fact that he has felt bad, I have loved the fact that he just wanted to lay in my lap for 2 days.

I stayed home with my kids for 14 years.....and it was fun, a lot of work and sometimes crazy but always fun....and I always loved it and never regretted it. Now I work........and staying home with Maddox those 2 days made me want to stay home again!!EXCEPT for the following......
**Dora the Explorer
**Go Diago Go

OMG....who writes this stuff. My kids had Sesame Street, Mister Rogers and Care Bear. And I could tolerate them.....but this stuff now, I think I would rather work.


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Loreluca said...

Oh, my goodness, woman! You're insulting my kids shows??? The best part is, I think I'm even MORE hooked to them than the kids. My DH is a faithful SpongeBob fan. He reminds me of Patrick!
Hugs, my friend!