Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Space bags babeeee..........

this is a post of pictures. I'm sure I cannot download them in the order I write but here goes.....

  • here's a monkey crawling away

  • cute pic of Maddox

  • the damn yard sale.....look at that junk!

  • spider webs for Halloween on the front porch

  • Nicole and Maddox cleaning out the pumpkin. He actually gagged and threw up....no kidding

  • Ziggy wearing his football jersey and sleeping on Bucky

  • me working on my laptop

  • And SPACE BAGS! who knew? These are most of Jacquelyn's summer clothes and trust me, she has a lot of clothes!!

and that's it for tonight.....



traci said...

great pictures. i was never sure if the space bags would work - looks like they do.

i "tagged" ya on my blog.

Susie Q said...

Love the pictures!!! LOVE your house!! The decorations are such fun!