Friday, October 5, 2007


I took off work today.......Johnny boy has been off all week getting some work done around the house. And because he works 7 days a week EVERY week, I wanted to spend some time with him. So we cleaned the garage! well hey, when you've been married as long as we have, that's just fine with us. I always have fun with Johnny no matter what we do and cleaning the garage today, we had fun........he had me laughing all day, which is probably why we have been married 28 years. Well, that and the fact that I think he's the most wonderful man on earth.....right there beside my daddy.

And I was very proud of how Johnny "the pack rat" actually threw things away. He even threw away things that he questioned, wondered what it was, wondered if he would ever need it again.....normally, he would not be able to part with items that he had questions about. But we filled up the pick up truck and off to the dump he went.

and I am I sit here typing and my back is sore and there's Johnny boy, laid out in the recliner.......snoring.

Tomorrow........I'm getting my nails done and maybe a little shopping.
Sunday Johnny and I are going to the Washington Redskin / Detroit Lion game. We are NOT Redskin fans, we despise them........we love the Cowboys! But it's a professional football game and we're too far away to see the Cowboys so what the will be fun!


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Cheryl Wray said...

How fun!! I LOVE to go to football games!!

Can't wait to watch the Boys tonight!!!! I think we should get another win! Go Dallas!!!!!!!