Tuesday, October 2, 2007

And here's another freaky thing......

Johnny boy is also a poinsettia freak! Yes......Mr. Manly Man of all Men loves poinsettias. And he loves to buy them (back to the shopping thing) in different ways.

So one year, I come downstairs and every inch of the kitchen counters is covered in poinsettias. Another year, 3 or 4 would appear.....a few days would pass and 2 more would appear.....few more days go by and 3 more! and that went on for 2 weeks. So it's just different every year in how he presents them.

So this year, he comes in with one of those really big poinsettia's. WOW....so pretty. And that's all! BUT.....a few days later, here comes another really big one. WAIT........a few days later, another big one! I was thinking that's pretty much it.....NOT. The other night, 7 more smaller ones. And now, we're all just laughing. And thinking this is it because really, where else am I going to put these things..........WRONG. We were all snuggled in the den waiting for the Dallas game to come on and here he comes walking in with 3 medium size poinsettia's in his arms. We all just busted out laughing! These were the colored ones...... one blue, one dark purple and one light purple.

So we have 13 right now.....that might be it. And they are beautiful.
I love my freak!


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