Monday, July 23, 2007

Plain Monday.........

not much going on.......check out the really cool coffee mugs that I bought at World Market this weekend. They cool is that???

**great weather over the weekend. Cooked on the grill, did a little shopping, cleaned a little bit.

**Mom's surgery went great and she's doing better each day

Haven't you always wanted to "toot" your own it now! I'll tell you a five great things about me and you tell me five great things about you!

1. I'm a really great wife and love my husband more than anything in this world!

2. I have really nice handwriting.

3. I am creative

4. I adore my children

5. I am really, really good at my job

now tell me about you



Laurie said...

Those mugs are really cool. Of course, I enjoy anything that comes with it's own storage. I enjoyed your 5 things. As for me, I'm loving, I'm creative, I'm organized, I'm generous, and I love to blog.

Shay said...

Great idea for storage -- I love them. Of course, I love anything at World Market. I enjoyed your 5 things too and think we should all take time to do this occasionaly; as for me, I'm loving, generous, good at my job, a good wife/mother/grandmother/sister/sister-in-law/friend, etc. (I hope!!!), and becoming a pretty fair gardener!