Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back from the beach

What a wonderful time...........we had perfect weather, ate some great food and finally had some time of just "me and my Johnny boy"! Fun to be gone but equally as fun to come home and sleep in our own bed. And back to work today to what felt like a million emails......but that's ok.
Live the moment......which is what we always do on vacation. There's never "checking the time" except maybe in the morning so we can laugh about how late we slept. We don't eat by the time and never have plans so there's no way that you can't "live the moment". We're never rushed to do the next thing. I wish I could live like that all of the time......instead of rushing. Rush to get ready, work, fix supper, hurry up....put in the next load of clothes....rush to bed as Lost is getting ready to come on.........you get the picture. And that's how we all live. But at least on vacation, we stop and we linger and we live the moment.



Lillian said...

Whoo hoo!I love the blog. I can hear your voice talking to me in my head as I ready your posts. I'm glad I caught up on your life after my vacation...I should really do one of these too. I'm so glad all is good and life is rolling along. The weekend and your next Sunday will be here before you know it. :)

Nina Diane said...

Lilly girl.........you so need to set up a blog..let me know if you do and we'll link them. They are fun!