Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

This is truly a "Thank goodness it's Friday". It's been one hell of a week trying to catch up from vacation. So the recap for the week is in bullet points.....what can I say, I'm tired.
*Little man is doing so well with his physical therapy.......look a here. He can finally pull himself up to a standing position. AND....he has learned to climb up the stairs....uh oh. Could be trouble.

*Here's the best part of out on the grill and hanging out on the deck.

*I recv'd the KB kit this week....I had never ordered a scrapbooking kit before and I must say, I LOVE IT, LOVE IT. Not sure I would always want to go this route but I will order again.

*Ziggy finally got a haircut. He's always very proud......look at him just showing off his awesome new cut.

*Can you see the new, very tall jar in the food picture? It's great.....I bought it down in Manteo, NC and I just love it. I'm getting a little hung up on buying glass here lately. The kids think it is weird...they said it's so tall and can't understand why I haven't filled it with something. But I'm still thinking about what I'm going to fill it with!
I'm tired....and I think I hear my bed calling to me

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