Thursday, March 2, 2017

Been MIA....

I really blame Facebook for my being such a 
slacker with my blog.
I don't usually sit down in the evening until about 7:30 or so
and then I have to catch up on FB then Instagram
and then because I get up at the butt crack of dawn
I go to bed! haha...

So let me just do some quick catch ups
and maybe try to blog a little more going forward

January wasn't too exciting. I really wanted to try for 15 Jazzercise
classes but I came down with bronchitis so I only got 
in 10 classes. But that's still good
We had a pretty decent snow on Jan 7th
light and fluffy, Johnny used the left blower to blow the 
snow off of our cars, funny
Jacquelyn and Bucky live in our neighborhood so they
walked over for some fun in the snow 
below is Avery Grace's "show me your lips" look

February came and again I thought maybe I could do good with Jazzercise classes....omg, only 4 classes! To my defense, 9 vacation days and then I came down with something, cold, allergies, who knows, we are having crazy weather.
We had a fun vacation in Ft Lauderdale
with Tommy and Joanne, Kim and Chris and some of their family
what a fantastic time
Ft Lauderdale is a crazy and wild place
I'll do some other blog post on those with a few pictures
The day after we returned we had our sweet Bella Boo's
eye surgery scheduled. Had her at the vet
at 7:30 that morning and was able to go get her later
that afternoon. She did really well with it and was so 
good about not messing with her eye she did not have
to wear the cone on her neck. Which was a good thing because
when I put it on her, she froze....would not move an inch

I love how our other 2 Teddy Bears stayed close with her
she was on pain pills for a week so not very active so they
def knew something was not right 

And now it's March!!
going to be a great month
Our grandson Declan will turn 4
we are going down to the Outer Banks for all of the St Patricks
festivities, then we will go to the Irish Festival here in Richmond
And it's MY birthday month!!
So I need to be really really good and blog all about it.


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