Friday, January 20, 2017

We the people .....

I've been blogging for a very long time
I don't think I have ever put up a political post
but I just feel I want to document my thoughts on this day
January 20, 2017 when our 45th president will be sworn in

Isn't it amazing to think that this awesome day, this event in our
great country has only been done 45 times!

I will start this with something interesting.......I told Johnny
about 20 years ago that either Warren Buffet or Donald Trump
needs to be president of our country.
at the time, they both were democrats
I just believed politicians were no longer working for the people 
of the country and that we needed a businessman to run it.
And if he picked the right people for his cabinet, we would be
ok with foreign affairs. 

So now look at us, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in today
as the 45th president of the United States.
I have supported him from the beginning.
and not only because he is a smart businessman but because I
felt like he was doing this for his children and grandchildren.
I truly believe that he would not put his family through this
campaigning disaster if he didn't feel like he could make our
country better for the future. 
Is he the best choice, probably not, is he crass at times, oh yes
I can't even tell you how many times I cringed when he tweeted, debated,
interviewed......but it still did not sway me. I still do believe that he is there
to work for the American people. That is our problem, we have had
politicians and they do not work for us. They don't.....the do in the beginning
but then politics come in to play and things change.

I will say, I have voted Republican and Democrat in the past
I have tried to vote for the person and what their goals were
for the country. And really, none of them have lived up to my expectations
I do believe that Bill Clinton did pretty good his first 4 years
after that, no. And I believe Ronald Reagan did a good job.
There was no way I could have voted for Hillary. In my heart, I just
don't believe most of what she says. And I think the icing on the cake
turning me against her was Benghazi. I just don't know how as 
a woman, as a mother she could care less about our service men that
were killed. And the fact that she lied about it to the mothers
of those 4 men, that takes a cold heart. 

I thought about maybe I could vote for Rubio but then again, that would
have been 4 years of politicians kissing each others ass and getting
nothing done. So I decided that I needed to support a non-politician
People keep saying he needs to be more "presidential" and he needs 
to stop tweeting. I don't believe that, I think he is an American
who truly loves this country and wants to make it better and
safer for our future. I have grown children and 6 grandchildren so
that matters to me. He doesn't trust the media, he has 1,000
reasons not to trust them. I no longer trust them as they showed 
how they tried to control our thinking.
so President Trump, tweet away!!

I will be honest, I did not support Obama and I never really 
cared for him. I could say a lot of things but I'll only mention the one
thing that really bothered me about him. He promised to get our troops
out of Iraq. That was one of his big platforms
and his supporters were focused on that and preached it
to everyone who would listen. And even though it was Bush
who had signed the agreement to have the troops out by 2011 (?)
he failed to negotitate to keep enough troops in place. I felt like all
he wanted was to be able to say "I fulfilled my promise to get the troops out"
but at what enabled ISIS to then go in
(who was just forming)
and I'm sure everyone knows had we kept a strong presence over
there, ISIS would not have grown as they have
So I blame Bush and Obama for not protecting our country.
because truth be told, it is not safe
and we need someone to make it safe
Is it Donald Trump....I don't know but at least give someone
else a shot at it. Because as we know, Hillary would not have 
done it.... she would not have grown our military and she would not have protected our military. And if you do not have a strong military force, you don't have a lot of power to protect your country.

When Obama was elected both times I said I would support him
and I would respect him. And I did......maybe between Johnny and I or very
close friends we made jokes but in public, I did not say ugly things and did not make fun of him. I don't think that is the proper thing to do.
 I would not do that to any president and oh my, there have been
plenty that you could! So the things that go around about Trump from
adults that I know has been horrible. Like I can't believe that mature 
adults would say some of the things they say. But that's not my job to judge.
I think the worst thing I have seen through this entire election was
last night on the news, they were live interviewing protesters
there was a child, maybe 11 or 12 years old, it was 9:30 last night
so first thing I thought was why isn't this child at home in bed, it's a school night! Then the reporter asked him why did you set that fire in the street
the child replied "because I can"
and then the reporter asked something about why he was out there
and he replied "because Trump sucks"
you know what, no matter who you support that is sad....and yes
that is the worst thing ever. That child is our future and look what we
have done. So if you choose to go out and protest, which is all of our right to do that, please keep in mind, act as an adult, don't do and say foolish things.
let us keep things civil and respectful. If I went out and acted like a fool
at a protest, I would be terrified of my own children seeing me
act like that......haha!!

All I can say now is I hope as Americans we will support our new president
because hoping he fails as president is hoping our country fails
our people fail and our children fail
Let's try to support Donald Trump and give him a chance
let's act like adults and true Americans because the one ugly
thing that I will say is......if you don't love this country, then leave.



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