Monday, September 26, 2016

Our new baby ....

on August 15th we picked up our new puppy!!
ever since losing our precious Chrissy girl, we have
been wanting another dog. I guess we had just gotten
used to having 3 dogs so really wanted to add another
Teddy Bear to our little herd!

A good friend of ours her teddy bear had a litter
7 babies!! Oh good gracious, if that was me I would want
to keep all 7 of them! haha....She kept one little girl

We went over a few weeks prior and picked our girl out.
it was nice because our friend would send me pictures
of our little girl. 

here she is only about 3 weeks old

and then finally we picked her up
we did get her early, only 6 weeks old
but she was already weaned and we really wanted to have
her with us for several weeks before leaving for vacation

but we brought home 2 puppies....the all white little girl
for our friend Glenda in Myrtle Beach. This one was
going to stay with us for 5 days until Glenda's daughter could pick her up

but then Glenda's grandson decided to get the little all 
white little boy
so we got him too!

and these 2 girls were not too crazy about this situation
and they spent a lot of time outside....haha

after a week little Finley and little Mica left our home
for their new home where they are getting super spoiled
and our little girl is adjusting just fine
she is named Khaleesi Rue
Khaleesi for our fav character in Game of Thrones
and Rue for a character we like in Hunger Games

We just love her


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