Sunday, September 18, 2016

Blogging break over .....

As I have said before, this blog is my family journal
of our our memories are preserved 
for my children and grandchildren. And I guess when they look
at 2016 one day, they'll think wow, they really didn't do much
of anything....haha!
but quite the opposite, just too busy to blog and I really
need to fix that.

So I'll start by blogging beach vacation. 
We were scheduled to leave on Saturday, Sept 3rd but
Hurricane Hermine was headed for the Outer Banks
and so we decided it would be best to get down there
before the storm. Hermine was going to be a tropical storm on
Friday night when it arrived and would make for some rough
conditions on Saturday so had we waited, we would not have been
able to leave until Sunday. 
So we called on Thursday and was able to get a hotel room
for Friday night. Jacquelyn and Bucky were off on Friday and
Johnny and I were working a 1/2 day. We kept watching the weather....
hoping to get down there before the rain and wind.
And we did.....arrived down there about 3:30 I think

Checked in to our hotel. Weather not too bad, little bit of rain
We just ordered some pizza and hung out 
We were in a suite so not bad, plenty of room

I woke about 4:30 am as the tropical storm was blowing through
peeked out the window and wow, the wind was insane
the rain was sideways
trees were bent over

went back to bed for a little bit
when we woke, it was all calm and the sun was even coming out
the hotel pool was full of pool chairs, shingles were off of a lot
of roofs, the roof of the Holiday Inn was blown off and
sand was was in every crack and crevice of
our cars. Even when you lifted the back tail gate, it was inside!

a few pictures.....
if you look closely at the pool, you can see the chairs at
the bottom of the pool

more tomorrow

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