Saturday, September 24, 2016

Beach day 7 .....

This day started with rain!
So we went shopping.... :)
We went over to Foxy Flamingo. It's a really cool shop with unique clothes
and jewelry. Right away, Avery Grace was fascinated by this place. I told Jacquelyn it means she is a born shopper....haha
I bought a dress and a new "All Washed Up" necklace.
I have one with the OBX coordinates on it
the new one is slightly shorter so I can wear them together
and it has 3 waves on it.

I also bought 2 Christmas presents....yay for shopping early
Also went over to Wings....just have to go there
and buy a cheap OBX t-shirt every time we go down there!

Stopped raining by 11:00 and we headed down to the beach.
Tommy and Joanne came down so they met us
out on the beach. We stayed out there all day.
the water was so warm and so could go out waist deep
and still see the bottom. Tommy and I went out a little ways so we could
jump the waves. So much fun!!
We found a cute little mermaid on the beach

I also found my first piece of sea glass!! 
here's the ones that Jacquelyn and Bucky found. Just about
the same amount as the day before

Dinner was at one of my favorites....Red Drum
I got this amazing was like the shrimp and grits
they serve but it also had a piece of rockfish on it.
It was my favorite meal of the week!!
silly selfies at Red Drum

After dinner it was time for our 3rd time out playing Putt Putt.
hahahah, Declan loved it and always wanted to play
and we were good with that!

Afterward, a real splurge....I ate a Blizzard!!
I did get the banana milkshake blizzard so I'm sure it wasn't 
as many calories...haha!!


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