Monday, September 19, 2016

Beach day 2 ...

Day 2 of vacation we wake up
and all is pretty calm. The sun was even trying to come out
so we thought ok, might end up a good beach day
we were very wrong about that!
We had to check out of the hotel and our condo would
not be ready until 4:00 so we had some
time to kill. Decided to take a ride up to Kitty Hawk and check
out what the storm did to the beach. Poor Kitty Hawk always
suffers terrible beach erosion. 

The wind started picking up and then was like
crazy!! At times it felt like it could knock you down!
As we were driving up beach road we came to a point where
they had the road blocked. Power lines were coming down and
were laying across Beach Road. We turn and head
over to the bypass, which runs parallel to Beach Road.
And now the wind is so bad that it makes driving hard.
the back end of Tropical Storm Hermine is now whipping around
the Outer Banks!
We decide maybe best to just find somewhere to park
and sit it out for a little bit. Avery had fallen asleep
in her carseat so a good opportunity for her to get her 
morning nap in. 
We decide on Kmart parking lot, big space, pretty clear
of power lines. 

Sat there for a little bit, Avery woke so we decided to go
in to kill more time. As we got out of the car though
2 firetrucks arrived, not sure what was going on but they
were escorting folks out and said they were closing. Maybe they had
lost power since all of Kitty Hawk had no power.

Now what should we do.....SHOPPING!!
we head down to Nags Head to the Outlet Mall. The wind....OMG, the
wind! It was just funny trying to walk in it!
We only went in the Polo store because no one really wanted to
be walking around in the crazy wind, it's an outside mall.

Next up, Lunch!!
Headed over to Mulligans and at this point, the rain came back
So big winds and now cold rain
At least we didn't have to wait long for a table.
We enjoyed a wonderful lunch and some cold beers!
and then the best thing happened, they texted me that our
condo was ready early and we could check in!! 

So after lunch we headed to the condo. It's the same condo that
my brother-in-law used to own so even though new owners,
it still feels like "beach home" to us.

We ordered take many restaurants were closed.
And a lot of them were not doing delivery, some were not even
taking pick up orders!
of course had to do selfies at the restaurant
we were all so happy to be somewhere dry and no wind haha

this was the best selfie! 

I'm on a roll.....more tomorrow

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