Monday, June 8, 2015

My brother .....

My brother has a lot of talents one of which is painting
growing up he always drew, especially cartoons
and they were always good

lately he has been painting a lot, or I guess
when he has the time and 
I asked him if you would please paint a picture for me
I wanted it to hang over my sewing machine
I didn't say what I wanted but I did send him
a picture of the color I painted my sewing room

So a month or so ago he presented me with my painting
and I LOVE it
it's beautiful
But I did not want it to be upstairs in my sewing room
where I would be the only person seeing it
I wanted to display it proudly and be able to say
"My brother painted that for me"

So it's hanging in the den
over the fireplace and it looks perfect with
the colors of my den

My brother....he's a real sweetheart especially
having to put up with 3 sisters who quite often like
to start sibling text with "OMG"....and put
a little scare in him! haha

love you Tracy


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