Sunday, June 7, 2015

Happy Birthday....

May 6th......
Happy Happy birthday to our son Jake
my baby.....that is now 27 years old
why does time go by so fast 

I'm so behind in blogging so I wanted to make 
sure I put a post up for our son

Jake's a great son
thoughtful and caring
loves to send me recipes
cares about his family
hard worker
loves beer
got me hooked on Walking Dead
and Hell on Wheels and Breaking Bad!
is good looking
loves to cook
has a new girlfriend
and she's cute and sweet
loves the beach
loves to be with family and friends
has a lot of tattoos.....please no more
the dogs love him so much
loves cigars
loves camping and hiking
he's funny
and smart
him and Johnny are the last of the Delaney's
he loves Maddox, Gabe, John, Declan and Avery
and he is the kind of son that if we need him, 
he'll be there for us no matter the reason

we love you Jake!!


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