Monday, June 15, 2015

Daddy ....

Daddy turned 82 on May 31st
he didn't want a party....didn't want a fuss over his birthday
he hasn't been feeling that great so we all understood

So we just planned a lunch with all of us and the grandkids

what he didn't know is we invited his brother and sister-in-law
to lunch

we just cooked out, had fun catching up and as
with all of our family gatherings....a lot of laughing

not many of the grandkids could come but a few did
and a cousin stopped by and surprised Daddy
as did some friends
and he got phone calls all day long with well wishes
so he was pretty much smiling the whole day
which made us all smile

here's some pictures of us with our Daddy

Daddy and I below....

Our little sister Kandi 

Oldest sister Vickie

Brother Tracy

We sure love our Daddy!!


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