Friday, July 18, 2014

A wedding .....

Johnny and I along with Jacquelyn and Bucky went to
a wedding in May.
A little bit of a bittersweet wedding as it was our son's
ex-girlfriends wedding. I know that may sound weird to some but
Jake and Kayla were together about 4 years so naturally we became
very close to Kayla. Johnny and I always thought she would
eventually become our daughter-in-law!! But as high school
sweethearts usually end up, they both changed. They grew and matured
and their interest became different. And I'm so happy to say that they
have remained friends.
We felt very honored that Kayla and Aaron would invite us to
their special day. It was a little cool that day, especially for the
middle of May but what a wonderful time. The entire wedding, ceremony, dinner and dancing was all outside right along the James River.
here we are enjoying the evening..........

We wish Kayla and Aaron all of the best
and Kayla will always be an unofficial member of our family!

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