Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Traditions ......

Family traditions are so important
they are our history and become part of our roots
and some of the best and most fun traditions
are the ones we create at Christmas time
Of course we have some of the ones that most families have
Christmas eve pj's, can't go into the den until Mom and Dad are awake
watch certain movies, make Christmas goodies.....
And I have often wondered if I did enough traditions
I sure hoped so!
I learned last year don't change the tradition of
"Breakfast Before" casserole.....a few let me know that
I shouldn't be changing that one
the other day Jacquelyn and I were talking about something
and I don't even know how we got on the subject of traditions
but Jacquelyn told me it's the little ones that mean so much
to her. I asked her what and she said you know how on
Christmas morning we get to drink orange juice
out of the "fancy" glasses.
I just loved hearing that........so it wasn't any of the big things I
was doing with my kids, it was the little things that meant so much
to them. So create traditions for your family...it's important,
it means something to them as they become adults......I'm now enjoying watching my kids create their own traditions!
So here's to "fancy" glasses!

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Linda said...

I often think the same...did I do enough in terms of traditions. I think we mother's all hope so!

Your blog looks great! You need to give me some pointers, especially on how to enlarge my photos! Your photos are beautiful!