Sunday, December 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Round 2 ...

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family on
the Saturday after Thanksgiving

there are 26 of us!!
my parents
4 siblings + 3 in-laws
7 nieces
2 nephew
3 nephew in-laws
5 great grandbabies

and we all live in this area
how blessed are we!!
and we have so much fun together

This year my niece Aimee and her husband Alex hosted
our family gathering.
they just moved in to their new house end of the summer
and wow, it is so grand. We are all so proud of them for
all of their hard work and now living in the house of their dreams! And it was great because it is so big, it never felt
crowded with all of us there. They are hosting Christmas too
so should be lots of fun!

probably beer talk below......

my brother-in-law below carving the turkey....he always gets this job!

 my brother and 2 of my beautiful nieces

 I know the pic below is weird with that strange reflection of a light on Jake's neck but I just loved the look that him and Declan have....

My Mom and my daughter Jacquelyn ..... so beautiful
My niece pretty!

 I love the fireplace in their new house

And I really love this sofa in their living room. The colors are all off due to the lighting. The sofa is actually an offwhite and the woodwork around the fireplace and all of the trim is white too. Maybe at Christmas I can get some better pictures ... haha

the dining room
the chairs were purchased at auction and are from the Waldorf in cool

 My mom and I

Mom and Maddox

 a bunch of the cousins having dinner together

My other beautiful daughter Nicole and Tyler. They will be welcoming our newest grandson in about 5 weeks, John Thomas


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