Saturday, December 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Round 1 ....

Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday, next to Christmas
having all of the family over
cooking and eating together
it's just the best

Besides all of our kids and grandkids, my daughters
mother and father in-laws were over for dinner

our menu was........
mashed potatoes
roasted potatoes
sweet potato casserole
3 bean salad
mac and cheese
broccoli and cauliflower salad
garden salad

we had lots of fun and I really wish I had a bunch of pictures to share
I made sure my camera was charged and my memory card clear
put the camera in the kitchen and then was totally
bad about picking it up
here's a few pictures....

precious Declan Liam

below is Jake's famous mac and cheese ready to go in the oven

now when you want a picture of Maddox, he has to do a silly funny

what a sweet little family.....


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