Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chesapeake Bay ....

Before Johnny's party we all went down to the
Chesapeake Bay.......our family Tommy and Joanne have a place
right on the bay, so very nice.
and really nice that they invite us all down to hang out with them.
Look at us silly gals all happy to be there!!

view of Tommy and Joanne's place from their dock

An osprey nest right near their dock
it had one baby in it. It's always fun
to watch the osprey bringing fish to the baby

Their dog Sadie loves swimming in the pool

We play a lot of corn hole while down much fun

you can see the bay from their pool.....doesn't get much better than this!!
Johnny and his sisters.......he's always so happy when he gets to
spend time with them. With living so far away, it's not that often

Tommy and Joanne

They surprised Johnny with a birthday cake
that was so sweet of them!

Sherry caught a stripped bass but had to throw it back
there's a length restriction on what you can keep and this one
was not quite big enough

here's the gang getting ready to head back to Richmond
for Johnny's birthday party

I'll have some more pictures up tomorrow


Loreluca said...
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Loreluca said...

blogspot doesn't love me anymore... anyways, I hope John had as much fun on his b-day as you did!!!