Thursday, May 23, 2013

What I wear ....

a couple of things first.....keep in mind, I'm 57 years old
second, I can take really good pictures and I have a really, really great lens
for taking pics. I've taken classes and studied a lot on photography but I look like a total idiot taking a picture of myself. And I def cannot even get them to
turn out very good...ha!
and third, I wasn't even sure I could post this but here goes....

I think one of the harder parts of aging is the clothes you wear
personally, I'm not ready to wear my grandma's style clothing
but yet I'm a grandmother!
I love the younger styles but luckily, I'm smart enough to know
I cannot wear some of those fashions!
So I just kind of border on....the in between.
Not too young but yet not too old
And sometimes I'm just not sure but if I can look in the mirror
and think it's ok, then I go with it.

so here are my outfits over the past week
I might make this my regular "wear it Wednesday" post
but then again, regular readers know that anytime I try to
do a weekly theme posting, it usually fails....haha!!
you can let me know your opinion.....if you think they look too young
or too old, it won't bother me!

So for Thursday's outfit for work.....
I guess it could border on too young.....because you see a lot of
the younger generation wearing the leggings under dresses. But I like
when I wear a shorter dress that I don't have to worry about it flying
up or that it's just too short for my age. Plus, I like the look so I went
with it.......


On Friday I wore this.......
and really you just can't go wrong with capris, a simple tshirt
and a cardigan so I would vote this one age appropriate.

This is what I wore on Saturday...just going to do some
cleaning, then a friend was coming over and I was going
to keep Declan for a couple of hours

Then Saturday night, black pants, yellow blouse and black shawl
low heel shoes.....going out to dinner with Johnny

This is Sunday morning.......heading to Jazzercise!!

Then Sunday just relaxing.....

well, doesn't look like I'll have very many dressy days...ha!
this is Monday...I'm working from home today so I can
really be relaxed! At least I'm not still in my pj's
and oh good grief....could my picture be any blurrier!!

Then on Tuesday I wore my gray linen pants with a nice blouse.
I love wearing linen in the summer. I know the wrinkles are terrible but I
still love it. I ironed these before work and by the time I got there they
were all wrinkled up but that's's the linen look
On Wed I had to work from home again.....the den cabinets and shelves
are being installed. So I didn't take a picture as it was just shorts
and a tshirt. So there ya weeks worth of
outfits. I'll probably do another one of these.....because I do
have some cute new clothes to wear this summer. That is if it
ever warms up enough!!

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