Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hail ....

The other day we were getting ready for our
Jazzercise class and a terrible storm rolled in.....
and it started hailing marble size hail like I've never seen before
it was coming down so hard it was starting to pile up like snow!
Definitely the worst hail storm I have ever seen.
we have our class and then I head home.
I no sooner pull into our neighborhood and another storm
comes in....with even more hail
So I just have to sit in the driveway as there was no
way I was getting out of the car in that mess.
It sounded like tons of rocks were being thrown
at my, so loud.
After I had been in the house for awhile, I thought about
taking a picture of the hail. Of course since we were still
in the 70's, most of it had melted but here's a pic
that shows some of the hail.
the really bad part of the hail was it tore up my new tomato
plants. some of them were broken and they lost a lot of leaves.
but with the recent sunshine and more rain, they're looking
pretty good now.

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