Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I was gassed ....

about a week ago Maddox came over to spend
the night with us.
Even though he is 7 years old, with being a special
needs child, you still have to watch him a lot
and my house by no means is kid proof
I gave that up a long time ago when our kids
grew up
When we re-modeled the kitchen, we put in a gas
cook top. I was not used to gas....though I do love it now
So I never really thought about the kids being able to turn
the knobs and turn just the gas on
So whenever Maddox would visit, we would try to remember
to do that. But I totally forgot this last time
I was sitting in the den and he was just being busy exploring
around the house. I saw him in the kitchen wiping things up...
something that he loves to do. Then he came in to the den
with me. We hung out in the den for awhile and then the
dogs wanted to go outside. I walked in the kitchen and WOW...the
gas about knocked me out. I was afraid to turn the fan on, didn't
want to create a spark so I opened the doors and windows
Really scared me bad
Now, I just keep the gas cooktop locked every day, all of the time
I'm not taking any more chances like that!


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