Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Anniversary ....

Today Johnny and I celebrate 34 years of marriage
and we have had a wonderful
34 years of marriage.

he's a great guy....and my tribute to him is
34 things I love about Johnny
He's a hard worker
I can always trust his judgement
He always tries to make me happy
He's a good guy
He's a man of his word
He takes out the garbage
He always makes me laugh
He's the most honest person I have ever known
He would rather be with me and the kids than anyone else
He puts up with my menopause moods
He fills up my car with gas .... always
He loves my momma and daddy
He turns on the coffee every single day for me
He always makes sure I'm ok with what's on TV
He doesn't mind that I don't cook during the week
He will bring me home flowers for no reason
He is a great father to our kids
He would give a stranger the shirt off of his back
He's not a show off
He calls me if he's running late
He loves his sisters
He loves our doggies
He's pretty handy around the house
He's proud of me
He's realistic
He's  not a whiner
He rarely spends money on himself
He always says "I love you"
He always ask me before he leaves for work if I need anything
He's loyal
He takes pride in our home
He's a good friend
He has a great sense of humor
He loves me ... and I love him
Happy Anniversary Babe!

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