Saturday, May 21, 2011

32 years....

32 years ago on May 19th
I married my best friend
I don't think I realized at the time that he was my best friend
we had fun together like friends
we were in love
we knew we always wanted to be together
so the natural next step was to get married

we wed in the church I grew up in
and though simple compared to weddings today
it was beautiful
I felt like a princess

and through the years we have moved 3 times
we have raised 3 children
we have been through so much happiness together
and with each year together, we became closer
we fall even more in love, even though I didn't think that possible
so on March 17th when Johnny suffered a stroke
I'm not going to lie....I though I was losing my best friend

thankfully, he is making a full recovery
and we are making plans
figuring out what we want for the next 32 years

Happy Anniversary you!



Connie said...

That is wonderful!! Happy Anniversary!! Love the roses!!


Christine said...

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful picture of the roses!!!!