Friday, October 12, 2007

Ziggy's turn.....

Ziggy over heard us talking about Chrissy's post and well, the whole jealousy thing happened so here's Ziggy's turn.........

Ziggy, Zigster, Zigman, Ziggarette, Dig, Diggy, Stinky, Dig Dig……these are just a few of the names I am called. I get the whole Dig Dig part because I love to dig…..everything! Here are some other interesting facts about me……..

1. I love treats. I love, love, love them……….it's pretty much all I think about all day long. It's the reason I love to get up in the morning, it's the reason I love to go to bed at night…because there are treats involved.

2. I am a tad bit overweight…..just 3 little lbs. (refer to number 1) I should weigh 9 lbs but I'm more like 12 lbs. My doc says that it may not sound like much but for my small frame, it is a lot. And in the words of Chrissy…….whatever!!

3. I also love to wear doggie clothes. Now most dogs don't because really, they ARE uncomfortable and face it, we have fur….BUT…..what other dogs do not realize is that when you are wearing them, the humans, well, they can not stop saying how cute you are. That dumb Chrissy hasn't even figured that one out!

4. I try really hard to get into that whole chasing squirrels thing that Chrissy loves so much but I'm just not into it. My favorite sport is barking. I know, not much physical activity (refer to number 2) but I enjoy it and I think it annoys Johnny boy just a little.

5. I'm really digging all of this baby gear that's been around the house since Maddox was born. I really enjoyed the johnny jumper, the stroller, the walker, and I even let them put a bib on me. Hey, I'll do anything to look cute.

6. I can do a few tricks…….paw, other paw, down and roll over. And if I think there is a treat involved, I'll do all 4 in the blink of an eye without you even saying them. Ha…I'd like to see Chrissy do that!

7. My mommy's name is Jacquelyn and my daddy is Bucky and they do not live with me. They moved to the country but let me stay here with the rest of the family and that dumb Chrissy girl. But my mommy comes home every morning before work and I love to smother her in kisses. She keeps telling me she is going to take me to the country……..and I keep waiting.

8. The reason I smell Chrissy's breath every morning is I'm checking to see if the ole grandma has given Chrissy a treat behind my back!

9. My collar is black and white and says "bad to the bone" all the way around it. It is not a reputation that I really live up to. Basically, I'm afraid of everything…..especially Chrissy.

10. I love it when Maddox is in his high chair. He drops more food than the sky drops rain. Now he's finally catching on and will hold his hands down and let me lick them clean. This could be adding to the weight situation.

11. I have a crush on Kayla……..Jake's girlfriend.

12. My favorite toys are squeaky toys

13. Our cousin Tommy has come to live with us and he might be my new best friend……he pays more attention to me than he does Chrissy!

14. I am so damn cute!

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LillyGirl said...

These are great. I need to think on mine. lol