Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A guest blogger???

I don’t really have anything to blog about today so I thought I would have a guest blogger…..Chrissy, my dog! Laugh but she has a lot to say….so here are 16 random facts about Chrissy…..from Chrissy

1. I love my family but I love my mommy the most
2. I am a CKC registered breed….Peek-A-Poo. I know…the AKC does not recognize my breed, whatever!
3. My favorite sport is chasing squirrels in the back yard. I have mastered the art of leaping through the air which is getting me much closer to them than I could have ever imagined. It is only a matter of time………
4. My favorite place to sleep during the day is my princess pink fluffy bed that I got for Christmas last year. At exactly 4:30 every evening, I go sit on the 3rd step of the staircase where I can see directly out the dining room window and wait for my mommy.
5. At night I sleep at the foot of mommy and daddy’s bed, pressed up against mommy’s legs. If that annoying Ziggy tries to go past me, I let out a low growl and he backs right off……what a whimp.
6. I have a beautiful purple collar with fake diamond studs……I really wish they were real. And if my daddy ever hits the lottery, I’m pretty sure real diamonds for me are on the list!
7. I really hated the day they brought Ziggy to our house. I sat in the living room by myself the first few days. Then I discovered the little bastard couldn’t jump on the sofa so I pretty much stayed up there and showed him my teeth whenever he came near. There are days that he really gets on my nerves. But overall, I really love the little guy. I just don’t let my family know.
8. I AM a diva
9. I do not eat much……and my family worries about this all of the time. They just do not understand that a diva needs to watch her figure. I have to be buff looking at all times. You never know when Mr Right might come by….oh wait, I’ve been fixed.
10. I do love to eat potatoes and string beans but for some reason they insist on giving me dog food….as if!
11. I have OCD……I am very, very obsessed with lights. I look for lights every day, all day…..any little reflection will amuse me. I know who has flashlights on their key rings and when they come to visit, I hound them for their keys. One day I received a UPS package from my Aunt Dee in Atlanta….she had sent me a laser light. It was the best gift I have ever received….besides my princess bed.
12. I have a Diva girlfriend……her name is Mia. She is kind of like a diva in training and I am her mentor. I have my mommy email her diva rules all of the time….she is up to #38
13. I have a crush on Bucky and Jake (they are humans)
14. Ziggy has to smell my breath every morning…….I wish he would stop.
15. I will be 8 years old on November 1st and I’m starting to get a little gray hair…..good grief, what’s a diva to do!
16. I have a great life!

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LillyGirl said...

You shoul share the diva rules with all of us. :)