Saturday, September 29, 2007

Money grubber......

I have the most diva dog ever..........her name is Little Missy Chrissy and she was my Christmas present 8 years ago from Johnny boy. She's solid black and her hair feels like cotton except for her ears.....they are very silky. She is a pek-a-poo.........part pekingnese, part poodle. Very smart like the poodles and very mean and selfish like the pekingnese. And I can say that about pekingnese because I had one before.........and they are brats.
So our little Chrissy girl gets groomed every 3 months. Every 3 months because that's when she needs to be groomed.........not earlier and not later. It took me quite awhile to find a groomer that we liked and of course Chrissy was the one to decide on that. Dogs don't lie so when I would pick her up from a groomer and she cried, then I knew that wasn't the groomer for her. Then we found Bess..........and Chrissy loves Bess! Which was wonderful because Bess grooms dogs out of her home by appointment.........she does not put your dog in a cage. And Chrissy, being the diva that she is, does not stay in a cage. You have an 11:00 appt, then you drop them off at 11:00, pick them up an hour for us! And when I pick her up, she does not cry and sometimes will give Bess kisses. So I know she is wonderful to my Chrissy and Chrissy loves her.

Then what happens.............Bess moves......she has to move out of state to help with family! I was so sad to lose her........knowing how it was going to be so hard to find another groomer. One that worked by appointments, one that did not cage the dogs and one that Chrissy loved. I find another groomer and try her. First time, ok, Chrissy not too upset and I was able to pick her up a hour and a half later. I schedule the next appt. 3 months later, I'm there and there is this large jar on the counter with a note....telling the story of the groomer's poor standard size poodle named Bubba! Now wait, who the hell names a standard poodle Bubba? Standard poodles are very elegant looking, almost in a very frenchie snobbish way.......their names are Fifi and Pepe..........something very french but Bubba!! Anyway, poor Bubba had to have surgery and oh my......the surgery bill for the groomer is $1400 and with rent so high and I just had a baby and I'm so trying to keep cost down to you, my customers....could you please find it in your heart to make a donation to Bubba? and no kidding, it also said......."I would do the same for you". Now I thought this was a bit tacky what with all of the pictures covering the walls showing Bubba winning every dog show he's ever been ribbons and "stud" service.........give me a break! It was my 2nd time taking Chrissy and the price had already increased!
But again, Chrissy was pretty happy so what could I do........I dropped 5 bucks in the jar for Bubba and made her next appt.....for 3 months later, which would be November.

Then 2 weeks ago I come home from work and check messages and low and behold there is a message from Bess! Bess has returned and is back in business. I'm so happy and right away, make Chrissy's November appointment. The next day I call the other groomer....Bubba's mom, to cancel Chrissy's appt......and I get her answering machine. Along with the standard "we're busy right now" was also this message.........."we are no longer accepting new clients unless you are willing to commit to having your dog groomed every 6 weeks". Can you freakin believe that?? Bubba and his mom are money grubbing people! Guess not many people put money in Bubba's jar so now she is going to dictate to you how often to get your dog groomed or sorry, can't be her client! give me a break...........praise to all........BESS IS BACK!



Tip Junkie said...

What a relief!

Shay said...

I'm glad for you and Chrissy that Bess is back. I can't believe the nerve of the other groomer -- I wonder how many of her clients she'll keep???

Anonymous said...

Yay...I know everyone will be happier...except Bubba's mom, and who cares. :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh my goodness...I have absolutely NO experience with dog groomers but I can't believe Bubba and her groomer/owner. That is crazy!!!! SO glad you got Bess back!! When you find someone good look that, I know it's hard to lose them!

Have a great day!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

And yeah...Bubba the Poodle??? too funny!