Saturday, December 31, 2016

Mini bedroom makeover.....

We did a mini bedroom makeover
it's the one room we have always ignored 

I'm putting up some pictures even though we still need to
have the room painted. I'm going to have it painted all white
all we did was buy new curtains, new lamps, new quilt and pillows
below is before.....nothing but sheers on the windows

boring beige lamps

Christmas quilt was still on the unmade bed
but normally not even a quilt or comforter
just blankets! haha....

we bought this silver sunburst mirror, love it

new curtains

white on white quilt
I really love quilts better than comforters
and I really love the new silver pillows

pretty new lamps....the design on the shades is done in what
looks like nail heads

to the rights is a little white lamp with a silver shade
that I bought so I can see to pick out my jewelry....haha

I think will look even better once we paint it.
Still need a couple of more pictures and I am getting a different
chair for the corner. That rocking chair I am storing 
for my sister


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