Sunday, December 11, 2016

Khaleesi Rue ....

We dropped off our sweet Khaleesi Rue to the vet
on Friday morning at 7:30 
I can't even tell you how much I hated leaving her
I know, getting spayed is pretty much routine but
I just can't stand the thought of her wondering
why would we leave her

The nice part is our sweet neighbor works there and
we knew she would be taking good care of her and
checking on her throughout the day. 

Our vet keeps the pets overnight
and wow, really hate that but I also realize it is 
really good so that they can make sure they 
are really ready to come home the next day

Our neighbor sent us pictures throughout the day
she is so cute!! We had taken her to the groomer
the night before to get her face cleaned up since we knew
she would have to wait a couple of weeks after her surgery
before she could be groomed

I could not wait to get up to the vet's at 10:00 the next morning
and here she is resting at home and all cuddled up in a 
warm Christmas blanket


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