Tuesday, April 16, 2013


back in June and July of 2011 I wrote a whole series on
lessons learned from planning our daughter Jacquelyn's wedding
Just a whole bunch of stuff that no one told us.....we went into wedding
planning blind!! And because we just learned along the way, I did
the series to let other folks know the good, the bad and the expensive!
HA! ..........well, here's one more that I had not posted about
and that's because I just today picked up Jacquelyn's
wedding gown, all cleaned and sealed in a box so that it won't yellow.
yes, almost 2 years later!
For one thing, I knew it was going to be expensive and well we had
just thrown a wedding so I felt like that could wait. But then it was shoved
into an extra closet upstairs and forgotten about.
In cleaning out closets I decided I really needed to get that taken care of.
so off to the cleaners! The entire bottom of Jacquelyn's gown was black,
from dancing at the reception. The guy at the cleaners said he loves to
see dresses come in like that because it means the reception
was a fun party! And that it was!
But it also meant a very large cleaning bill, along with the fact that the
dress was French silk and had a ton of crystals on it!
So the cost......are you ready for this.........$250!!!
Johnny and I were pretty shocked!
But we paid it and now we have some very expensive boxes
that will stay under our bed until Jacquelyn and Bucky
move to a bigger house. And then they can have the expensive
boxes and slide them under their bed!


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