Thursday, April 18, 2013

Changing of the seasons ....

If you live in a state that is lucky enough to have 4 seasons,
we have made it to that time of the year where you
have to take a day to move winter / fall clothes out
and spring / summer clothes in

I have an extra closet that I store my off season clothes in....thank goodness
because when all of the kids lived at home, I had to store them in my
cedar chest and boxes stored in my closet.

So it's really nice now just to switch them up.
When I put my winter clothes out last fall, I applied an idea that I
saw on Pinterest. I hung all of my clothes hangers in the opposite direction
then as you wear your clothes, after laundry, hang them in the right direction.
at the end of the season, anything still hanging backward gets donated
this is a great way to clean out old clothes


the pic below is my winter clothes as I'm pulling them out of the closet
the pile on the left is the keep pile......the pile on the right are clothes
that were still hanging backward.....bye bye!!

now my spring / summer clothes are up and all hanging backward
except for the few pieces that I kept out from winter
things like long sleeve tees that I take to the beach

So that's my Pinterest idea that worked!!


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