Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Declan ....

here's some pics of our precious little grandson, Declan Liam
here he is at one month old
he is happy, very content baby
always just hanging out all chilled
fusses only late at night if his tummy gets a little gassy
still sleeping all night
smiles when you say "Yay Declan"
and always smiles when his mommy talks to him
wakes every morning with smiles and "talking"
ticklish on his chin
loves lights
loves to walk around and look at everything, especially pictures
loves his baby swing
loves his toys hanging down from his car seat

and here's Declan getting his first bottle
he did great and so did his daddy!
and here he is loving on his daddy
and I know his hair looks red in this picture but it's just the lighting
his hair is a very light brown and almost golden looking
as his hair is growing out, we're seeing blonde so maybe he's going
to be a blonde like his mommy

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